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Cardboard books - softcover

Cardboard books – softcover

A cardboard book with a softcover is a variant of a layflat book. Excellent openability characterizes it. It consists of spreads, thanks to which graphics and texts on adjacent pages form a coherent, fitted whole. We make spreads from 350 g/m2 cardboard. They are printed with high-quality colour printing and glued directly into the cover, prepared also from 350 g/m2 cardboard. Spreads are subject to creasing and folding. Then, they are bonding together. During this process, we connect the preceding spread's second side with the next one's first. The pages obtained in this way are twice as thick. The spine does not need to be covered with a layer of glue, which affects the mentioned openability. A cardboard book works well in publications presenting illustrations or photos. It fits titles for children and exclusive product catalogues.

  • A spread is a pair of pages observed simultaneously while browsing the book. For example, if the title has 26 pages (including internal cover pages), it contains 13 spreads. The calculator should give this value in the "Number of colour spreads" parameter.
  • You must prepare the block in PDF format according to the rule that one file page is two pages in the book.
  • The block file must have at least two millimetres of bleed, but pages placed on the spread cannot have an internal bleed.
  • Available formats range from 130 x 148 mm to 297 x 297 mm.
  • You will apply all popular refinements to a cardboard book with a softcover. Prepare masks for them in PDF files.

Are you curious what a cardboard book for children with a softcover might look like? Order the Sample Book.

Basic parameters
Inside block trim size (W x H)
x mm*
Net format of the spread (W x H)
Price range of the sizes
Bleeds for inside block
Bleeds are the printed areas of the sheet that extend beyond the edge of the planned publication and will be cut off during printing processing. The block's net format equals the format you want to get. The gross block format is the format before cutting, i.e. before bleeds are removed.

The inside block contains bleeds – add them to the format: The project includes objects whose printing reaches the edges of the sheet, and a safety margin must be added to the selected book format. For example, if the book's net format (after trimming) is 148 x 210 mm, the gross format (including bleeds) will be 154 x 216 mm.
Quantity copies*
Book specification
Number of colour spreads*
No. of colour pages*
Paper, colour pages
Cover specification
A thin transparent plastic sheet (coating) applied to usually a thick stock (covers, post cards, etc.) providing protection against liquid and heavy use, and usually emphasize existing colour, providing a glossy (or lens) effect.
Refinements and additions
Spot UV varnish on the cover
Flat metallic foil on the cover
3D metallic foil on the cover
Die-cut window in the cover
Front die-cut window
Back die-cut window
Rounded book corners
Book edge printing
Block edge printing is done in CMYK with pigment inks.

Prepare the design in three PDF files per the rule: one PDF is one surface. Remember to include 3 mm bleeds and an offset tolerance of up to 1 mm between the cover and the printed edge.

Wrap graphics around the entire book, give an impressive position to the typography or extend the illustration from the cover. Edge printing is a fascinating and unconventional solution that thrills readers.
Shrink wrappedyes 
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Price per copy
Book spine
Production time
7-13 working days

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• Payment by bank transfer with respite term of payment (trade loan), however only after filing particular documents  


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